Dr William Bowers

The central focus of my research for the next three years is the Holland House circle from 1790–1830. My wider research interests include: the poetry of the major and minor Romantics, especially Shelley and Byron; Milton and his legacy; the idea of a cosmopolitan London, as seen in essayists such as Lamb, Hazlitt, and Hunt; the trial of Queen Caroline and its surrounding literature; the importance of salons and coteries in the Regency; and English perceptions of Italy and Italians 1790–1830.

I am also an assistant editor on The Longman Annotated English Poets Poems of Shelley, Volume 5, where I am responsible for the text and annotation for the published version of 'The Triumph of Life', and a few smaller lyrics. The book is under contract with Routledge and is due to be delivered in September 2017.

I teach Literature in English between 1660 and the present day. I would be happy to supervise undergraduate and MSt dissertations on any of the subjects mentioned in my Research Interests.

I am the co-founder of Journal•Lists, a free subscription service designed to contextualize our reading of historical periodicals, diaries, essays, and fiction. 


  • Percy Shelley's 'I visit thee but thou art sadly changed'

  • On First Looking into Mary Shelley's Homer

  • Re-evaluating the Literary Coterie,

  • The Many Rooms of Holland House

  • Italian Travel, English Tourism, and Byron's Poetry of Exile

  • More
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