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University of Oxford Faculty of English

Other Members

Creaser, Professor John

Job Title: Emeritus Fellow
College: Mansfield
Period/ Subject: Early Modern

Duncan-Jones, Professor Katherine

Job Title:
College: Somerville
Period/ Subject: Early Modern

Durkin, Dr Philip

Job title:  Principal Etymologist, Oxford English Dictionary

Period/ Subject:  Etymology, History of the language, Historical Lexicography

Fanous, Dr Samuel

Job Title: Head of Publishing, Bodleian Library
Period/ Subject: Medieval

Fletcher, Dr Chris

Job Title: Keeper of Special Collections, Bodleian Library
College: Exeter
Period/ Subject:

Gardam, Mr Tim

Job Title: Principal
College: St. Anne's

Period/ Subject:

Gill, Professor Stephen

Job Title: Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature, CUF Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow
College: Lincoln
Period/ Subject: Victorians

Grylls, Dr David

Job Title: University Lecturer in Literature (Continuing Education)
College: Kellogg
Period/ Subject: Victorian


Hanna, Dr Ralph

Job Title: Emeritus Professor of Palaeography
Faculty: English
Period/Subject: Palaeography, Medieval Manuscripts

Hebron, Mr Stephen

Job Title: Curator of Special Projects, Bodleian Library
Period/Subject: Romantics; History of the Book

Hoad, Mr Terry

Job Title: CUF Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow
College: St. Peter's
Period/ Subject: Medieval

Hurst, Mr Clive

Job Title: Head of Rare Books and Printed Ephemera, Bodleian Library
College: St Catherine's College
Period/ Subject: Palaeography

Jayatilaka, Dr Rohini

Job Title: English Faculty Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager
College: Pembroke
Period/ Subject: Medieval

Lee, Dr Stuart

Job Title: Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries; Deputy CIO
College: Merton
Period/ Subject: Medieval, Fantasy Literature (Tolkien), WW1 Literature, Electronic Publishing

O'Donoghue, Mr Bernard

Job Title: CUF Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow
College: Wadham
Period/ Subject: Medieval and 20th/ 21st Century

Pratt-Smith, Dr Stella

Job Title: Stipendiary Lecturer
College: Trinity
Period/ Subject:

Priestman, Dr Judith

Job Title: Curator, Modern Literary Manuscript Collections, Bodleian Library
Period/ Subject: Palaeography

Shrimpton, Dr Nicholas

Job Title: Emeritus Fellow
College: Lady Margaret Hall
Period/ Subject: Victorians

Simpson, John

Job Title: Emeritus Fellow and former Chief Editor of Oxford English Dictionary
College: Kellogg
Period/ Subject: Historical lexicography; English language; Joyce studies

Stallworthy, Professor Jon

Job Title:
College: Wolfson

Period/ Subject:

Usher, Ms Sue

Job Title: Librarian, English Faculty Library

Weiner, Mr Edmund

Job Title: Deputy Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary
College: Kellogg
Period/ Subject: Historical English Lexicography