Society for Novel Studies - Biennial Conference: The Novel's New Worlds

The entrance to St. John's College from St. Giles'

The conference theme of “The Novel’s New Worlds” invites a broad approach that explores the theory of the novel as it enters into different geographies and forms.

Proposals may address one or more of these themes, but need not be limited to them:

  • The beginnings and endings of novels
  • The novel in Europe
  • Travels to and from the New World
  • Fictional new worlds
  • New theories of the novel
  • Old novels made new

Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent to

Proposals for complete panels of 3-4 papers are welcome. All panels should last 90 minutes.

PhD students whose proposals are accepted will be offered free or low-cost single-bedroom college accommodation, subject to availability.


Deadline for proposals: 1 November 2019
16/10/2019 06:18:48
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