FAQ: Oxford ELAT

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For information about where you can take the test, visit the How to register page.


You should use a black ink pen. Use of correction fluid is not permitted.

Dictionaries - including bilingual dictionaries - cannot be used for ELAT.


No. Extra time is not allowed for candidates without English as their first language.


Access Arrangements are available if you have a disability or special requirement, and are entitled to support for other exams. You need to inform your centre of any special requirements when they register you for the test.

Your centre will:
•    ask for full details of your disability or special requirement
•    ask you for a copy of your medical evidence
•    submit the request for Access Arrangements, if appropriate.

For more information about our policies and processes, please visit our Support site.  


A candidate who requires a laptop must be accommodated in a way that does not disturb other candidates, and the laptop screen must not be visible to them.

If this is done by separating the candidate using the laptop, they must have an additional separate invigilator.

Candidates using a laptop should format their work in Arial font, size 11, single-spaced. Automatic spell checkers and grammar checkers must be disabled. There is no word limit.

At the end of the test, the candidate using the laptop must be present when their script is printed off, to confirm that the work is theirs. The candidate’s name, candidate number, candidate initials and centre number should be clearly written on the printout.



Requests for special consideration are used to indicate to institutions that a candidate suffered temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of the assessment. They may also be used to indicate that there were problems with an aspect of the administration of the test, such as a fire alarm during the test session.

For more information about our policies and processes, please visit our Support site.


ELAT results will be released via our Results Online system.

Results Online – Candidates
Results Online – Centres
Results Online user guide – candidates
Results Online user guide – centres  

When registering on Results Online, if you cannot select your date of birth in the pop-up calendar, please type it into the box.

Results will only be released to candidates who have applied to one of the courses requiring Oxford ELAT.


Sorry, no. For security reasons we cannot reissue candidate PINs. If you have lost your PIN, you will need to ask the Exams Officer at your centre to download a Statement of Results for you.