How is the Oxford ELAT scored?

The maximum mark for the paper is 60. Each script is marked by two examiners. Each examiner gives a mark out of 30, and the two marks are combined to give an overall mark out of 60. The full range of marks will be used.

Your Oxford ELAT score is used alongside the rest of your application in the University of Oxford's selection decisions. For further advice about the Oxford ELAT, please visit the University of Oxford's website

Where there is a difference of five or more marks  between the two examiners, a third examiner will mark the script. The overall score will be the two nearest marks combined.

Exam scripts are marked by external examiners,  NOT by the University of Oxford. However, the final grading will be decided by an invited panel of awarders including members of the Oxford English Faculty and selected representatives from schools and colleges.

A full breakdown of marks for each candidate  is given to University of Oxford admissions tutors.

Oxford ELAT results

On results day, we will issue a PDF Statement of Results to each candidate via our Results Online system. Please note: Results will only be released to candidates who have applied to one of the courses requiring the Oxford ELAT at the University of Oxford. Candidates and centres can download their results online:

When registering on Results Online, if you cannot select your date of birth in the pop-up calendar, please type it into the box.

Results will be passed to the Oxford College where the candidate has applied.

Explanation of results

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