Literary Engagement Project

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form.

In preparation for an upcoming Humanities project, we are asking you, as an alumnus/a, to recommend memorable passages from two different novels that have left a lasting impression on you personally.

Ideally, each would be a passage from a novel that would take general readers 5-10 minutes to read and require minimal context for the reader to understand the passage.

These passages will eventually be compiled into a project that aims to connect readers with some of the most evocative passages in literature. For this first stage of the project, we are focusing just on literature written in English.

For each passage that you recommend, please provide:
The title of the novel
A brief description of the passage you like
The chapter numbers (if you know them) or even just a summary of where the passage occurs in the text
An explanation of why this passage speaks to you.

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