Literary Engagement Project

Thank you for your interest in LitHits, an app that connects the world to brilliant literature. 

Are there any moments from novels, short stories, or other fiction or non-fiction you have read that you really enjoyed and that have left a deep impression on you?

In preparation for the launch of LitHits, we are asking people to recommend memorable passages from two different novels that they particularly loved.

Ideally, each would be an evocative passage from a novel. It would immerse readers for 5-10 minutes to and require minimal context or explanation. Please note, for this first stage of the project, we are focusing just on literature written in English, and on longer narrative fiction and non-fiction which are often harder to fit into busy lives than shorter forms like poetry.

For each passage that you recommend, please provide:

  • The title and author of the novel
  • A brief description of the passage you like
  • The chapter numbers (if you know them) or even just a rough indication of where the passage occurs in the text—we will find it!
  • An explanation of why this passage speaks to you (optional, though we’d be grateful if you could spare the time).