Professor Carolyne Larrington

I am interested in Old Norse literature, Arthurian literature, the treatment of emotion in medieval European literature and in the ways in which women are imagined across the literatures of the period. Most recently I have been working in medievalism, the re-mediation of medieval material in the modern period.

My most recent publications have been a monograph on siblings in medieval European literature: Brothers and Sisters in Medieval European Literature (2015), an edited collection of essays on emotion in medieval Arthurian literature, co-edited with Frank Brandsma and Corinne Saunders, Emotions in Medieval Arthurian Literature (2015), a Handbook to Eddic Poetry: Myths and Legends of Ancient Scandinavia (Cambridge University Press, 2016), co-edited with Judy Quinn and Brittany Schorn and two books in the medievalism field: Winter is Coming: The Medieval World of ‘Game of Thrones’ (2015) and The Land of the Green Man: A Journey through the Supernatural Landscapes of the British Isles (2015). A Folio Society edition of my translation of the Poetic Edda is due this autumn; an introduction to Norse myths in a series from Thames and Hudson is due in the spring of 2017.

I am on research leave during the current academic year and will be a Distinguished International Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the History of Emotions at the University of Western Australia for the remainder of 2016. My current research priorities are focused on emotion in medieval secular literature as distinct from historical methodologies and on the creative remediation of traditional folk-material concerned with fairies. A joint project with folk-singer Fay Hield, 'Modern Fairies and Loathly Ladies' is awaiting funding decisions. A second book on Game of Thrones, genre and theme, has been contracted.


Old English; Middle English; Old Icelandic; Language; Romance; medievalism.


  • Mediating Medieval(ized) Emotion in Game of Thrones

  • Gender / Queer Studies

  • A Textscape: On Sámsey

  • The Norse Myths: A Guide to the Gods and Heroes

  • ‘“Wyȝe, welcum iwys to þis place!’ Emotions in the schemas for arrival, return and welcome at the Arthurian court'

  • More
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