Dr Diana Leca

Modern and contemporary literature, criticism, and theory. I have a special interest in 20th-century American literature, as well as in questions pertaining to literary form; avant-garde movements; aesthetics; affect theory; the novel; and the relationship between literature and philosophy. I completed my doctorate at St. John's College, Cambridge on the topic of literary minimalism. 





Literature and criticism from the mid-19th century to present.

Specific teaching interests include:

  • American literature
  • Criticism and critical theory
  • Modernist short fiction
  • Contemporary writing
  • The novel

At Keble, I teach Introduction to English Literature (Paper 1b), Literature in English 1830-1910 (Prelims Paper 3), and Literature in English 1910-Present Day (Prelims Paper 4). I have also taught papers on close reading, the history of literary criticism, and the modernist short story. In addition, I have lectured on contemporary Canadian poetry and poetic theory, including Anne Carson.





  You can find my Keble page here.


  • Roland Barthes and Literary Minimalism

  • More
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