Dr Diana Leca

Dr Diana Leca is the Robin Geffen Career Development Fellow in English at Keble College, Oxford. Her research focuses on modernist and contemporary literature, criticism, and theory. She has a special interest in twentieth-century American literature, as well as in questions pertaining to form, avant-garde movements, and aesthetics. More specifically, she is interested in theories of short literary forms, such as the aphorism and the lyric fragment, and in the issues of diminished or blocked expressivity. Her work engages figures such as Henry James, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, and Anne Carson, as well as the aesthetic theories of Roland Barthes and Theodor Adorno. She completed her doctorate at St. John's College, Cambridge on the topic of literary minimalism. 


Literature and criticism from the mid-19th century to present.

Specific teaching interests include:

  • American literature
  • criticism and critical theory
  • lyric poetry
  • the modernist short story
  • the novel and narratology (1830 to contemporary)
  • war writing and film 

At Keble, I teach Introduction to English Literature (Paper 1b), Literature in English 1830-1910 (Prelims Paper 3), and Literature in English 1910-Present Day (Prelims Paper 4). I have also taught papers on close reading, the history of literary criticism, and the modernist short story. In addition, I have lectured on contemporary Canadian poetry and poetic theory, including Anne Carson.





  You can find my Keble page here.


  • Failed to Feel It: Stoniness in Henry James’s 'The Wings of the Dove'

  • Roland Barthes and Literary Minimalism

  • More
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