Dr Erica Lombard

Erica Lombard is the postdoctoral research assistant for the Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds research project, which explores how reading literary texts shapes our sense of the world and ourselves. Educated in South Africa and the UK, she completed her DPhil at Oxford in 2015 with a thesis on white nostalgic writing of post-apartheid South Africa. Her current research focuses on diversity in publishing in South Africa and Britain. Other research interests include South Africa in the global imaginary and memory and nostalgia in postcolonial contexts. Her work has appeared in English in Africa and the Journal of Literary Studies, and she is co-editor with Benjamin Mountford and Dominic Davies of a new collection of book historical essays, entitled Fighting Words: Fifteen Books that Shaped the Postcolonial World (out in 2017 with Peter Lang, Oxford).





  • Fighting Words: Fifteen Books that Shaped the Postcolonial World

  • Freedom Fighter/Postcolonial Saint: The Symbolic Legacy of Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom (1994)

  • The work of nostalgia in Denis Hirson’s I Remember King Kong (The Boxer)

  • Reviewed Work: Globalectics: Theory and the Politics of Knowing by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

  • Through a Sheet of Glass: The Ethics of Reading in Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda

  • More
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