Dr John Scholar

My research examines the novel in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. At the moment, I largely work on Henry James and James Joyce. My thesis tried to shed new light on the representation of consciousness in James’s work, especially in his late novels, by focusing on one word, ‘impression’, drawing in a variety of contexts from philosophy, literature, psychology, and the visual arts. I am also looking at how twentieth-century continental philosophers may help us to understand the extraordinary representation of the material world in Joyce’s Ulysses (1922).

In Oxford, I teach the Victorian, Modern, and Introduction to Language and Literature papers, parts of the Romantic Paper, and some final-year dissertation topics (i.e. Preliminary Examination papers 1b), 3, 4, and Finals Papers 5 and 7). I have also taught for the last six years on Oxford’s UNIQ summer school in English, which works with Year 12 students currently studying at state schools.


  • Joyce, Heidegger and the Material World of "Ulysses":
    “Ithaca” as Inventory

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