Dr Michael Hetherington

Elizabethan and Jacobean poetry and prose, especially George Gascoigne, Philip Sidney, and Edmund Spenser; early modern poetics, logic, and rhetoric; the historiography of ideas, concepts, and words; Ramism and Aristotelianism. 

English Literature 1550-1760; Shakespeare.


  • 'Non per instituir altri'? Attitudes to Rule-Following in Sixteenth-Century Poetics

  • Gascoigne, Miscellaneity, and Aesthetic Satisfaction

  • Places of Form in Early Modern Poetics: Art, Mind, and Voice

  • Indecorous Thinking: Figures of Speech in Early Modern Poetics. Colleen Ruth Rosenfeld. New York: Fordham University Press, 2018. 308 pp. $35.

  • CATHERINE BATES. On Not Defending Poetry: Defence and Indefensibility in Sidney’s Defence of Poesy