Dr Nikolas Gunn

I specialise on the languages and literatures of the North Sea region in the earlier Middle Ages, but especially Early English and Old Norse.

I teach the first-year papers Early Medieval Literature and Introduction to English Language, as well as the second-year paper Literature in English 1350-1550. I also teach the Course II paper History of the English Language to c.1800 for the English Faculty.

I studied for my BA (2011) at the University of Leeds and my MA (2012) and Wolfson-funded PhD (2017) at the University of York. I worked as Teaching Fellow in Old and Middle English Literature at University College London (2017-18) before taking up my lectureship at Oxford.

I am a member of TORCH's Early Medieval Britain and Ireland Network.


  • Translating the Gospel in Viking Age England: The Evidence from Two Old Norse Loan Translations from Old English

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