Preparing for the Oxford ELAT

The Oxford ELAT is similar to the ELAT, previously produced by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. You can prepare for the Oxford ELAT using the sample paper and past papers available for download below.

The Oxford ELAT does not require a lot of extra study. It is not a test of wide reading, nor is it based on the assumption that there are certain texts that all candidates should have read by this stage in their education. This means that there are no recommended textbooks for further reading.

Introduction to the English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)

These videos provide information about the ELAT and advice on how to approach the test.



Practice materials

Changes to ELAT

Please note, prior to the 2018 test, candidates could compare two or three passages for ELAT. Since then, they must compare two passages. The ELAT marking criteria were also updated in 2018.