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The Dynastic Drama of "Beowulf"

The Departure of the Hero in a Ship: The Intertextuality of "Beowulf", Cynewulf and "Andreas"

SIMON C. THOMSON. Communal Creativity in the Making of the ?Beowulf Manuscript?: Towards a History of Reception for the Nowell Codex

Review of Stacy S. Klein, William Schipper and Shannon Lewis-Simpson, eds, "The Maritime World of the Anglo-Saxons"

Introduction: a Case Study of Psalm 50.1-3 in Old and Middle English

Making the Psalter Sing: the Old English 'Metrical Psalms', Rhythm and 'Ruminatio'

The Psalms and Medieval English Literature

The Psalms and Medieval English Literature: From the Conversion to the Reformation

The Psalms in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England

Review of Helen Damico, 'Beowulf and the Grendel-kin: Politics and Poetry in Eleventh-Century England'

Review of 'The Dating of Beowulf: a Reassessment', ed. Leonard Neidorf

The Psalms in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England

Kazutomo Karasawa, ed., 'The Old English Menologium'

The Anglo-Saxon psalter. By M. J. Toswell . (Medieval Church Studies, 10.) Pp. xvi + 457 incl. 21 ills. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014. €100. 978 2 503 54548 6

Review of Mary Clayton, ed. 'Two Aelfric Texts'

Review of Ted Morrissey, 'The Beowulf-poet and his Real Monsters: a Trauma Theory Reading of Beowulf'

'Preparing the Mind for Prayer: The Wanderer, Hesychasm and Theosis'

'Translatio Imperii: the Old English Orosius and the Rise of Wessex'

Review of Karmen Lenz, '"Ræd and frofer": Christian Poetics in the Old English 'Froferboc''

Teaching the Teachers: The Vercelli Book and the Mixed Life

Review of 'The Old English Boethius', ed. Malcolm Godden and Susan Irvine

Review of 'Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern Imagination', ed. David Clark and Nicholas Perkins

Review of Hugh Magennis, 'Translating Beowulf: Modern Versions in English Verse'

Reshaping Tradition: The Originality of the Scyld Scefing Episode in Beowulf

Review of 'On the Aesthetics of Beowulf and Other Old English Poems', ed. John M. Hill

Royal wisdom and the Alfredian Context of Cynewulf and Cyneheard

The Poetic Purpose of the Offa-Digression in Beowulf

Making Sense of Ker's Dates: the Origins of "Beowulf" and the Palaeographers