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The Psalms in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England

Making the Psalter Sing: the Old English 'Metrical Psalms', Rhythm and 'Ruminatio'

The Psalms and Medieval English Literature

Introduction: a Case Study of Psalm 50.1-3 in Old and Middle English

Introduction: the Psalms in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England

The Songs of the Threshold: Enargeia and the Psalter

Preparing the Mind for Prayer: The Wanderer, Hesychasm and Theosis

'Translatio Imperii: the Old English Orosius and the Rise of Wessex'

Teaching the Teachers: The Vercelli Book and the Mixed Life

Reshaping Tradition: The Originality of the Scyld Scefing Episode in Beowulf

Royal wisdom and the Alfredian Context of Cynewulf and Cyneheard

The Poetic Purpose of the Offa-Digression in Beowulf

Making Sense of Ker's Dates: the Origins of "Beowulf" and the Palaeographers

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