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Chair at Panel Discussion

Conference Organiser: Johnson at 300

Decolonizing the Dictionary: Narratives of Race and Empire in the OED

Invited Speaker: Langwidge Sandwich Seminar

Johnson’s Dictionary

Patriotism, Empire, and Cultural Prescriptivism: Images of Anglicity in the OED

Special Guest lecture: ’ Pronounced Distinctions’, Accent, identity, and the History of Received Pronunciation

The Battle of the Word-books; competition, the ’common reader’ and Johnson’s Dictionary

Workshop speaker: Dialect Representation: policies, practices, problems

English Words in War-Time: Andrew Clark and living language history 1914-18

Lives in Language: Samuel Johnson

Prescription and Description in Dictionaries

Samuel Johnson and the Journey into Words

Accent as Social Symbol

Samuel Johnson: Journey into Words

The Literature of Categorization and Organization 1700-1830

The OED and the Victorian Novel

"Life-Writing": The Lexicographer as Biographer in the Oxford English Dictionary

Acts of Representation: Writing the Woman Question in the Oxford English Dictionary


The OED and the Victorian Novel

A History of the English Language?

English in the Nineteenth Century

The Oxford History of English

Johnson’s Pendulum: Introduction

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