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'Dispute Incarnate’: Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock, the Demjanjuk Trial and Eyewitness Testimony

Edith Wharton, War Correspondent

Fatal Incomprehension





Larkin's Light

Magdalene College MS. Pepys 2498 and Stephen Batman’s Reading Practices

The First World War: Literature, Culture, Modernity

The Literature of Tiredness: The Postwar Novel in Repose

Three War Veterans Who Don't Tell War Stories

Veteran Poetics

Woolf’s Crotchets: Textual Cryogenics in To The Lighthouse

Fen shooting

Songs of Mud in First World War Poetry

Limitless Achievement: On “East West Street”

The Returning Soldier as depicted in Western Art and Literature

Textual Practice Journal Special Issue

Missing letters: reading the interstices in archival correspondence from the Napoleonic Wars and in Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet-Major

Writing war, writing lives

Moments of Insight in Long Novels by Henry James and Dorothy Richardson

Muddy Poetics: First World War poems by Helen Saunders and Mary Borden

All of Us: D. H. Lawrence’s First World War Poems for the People

The Modernist Party as Pedagogy

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