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Chaucer and the Classics

The Permeable Cloister? Charterhouse, Contemplation and Urban Piety in Later Medieval England: The Case of London

Building a Bestseller: The Priest and the Peartree

Visionary Women and their Books in the Library of the Brethren of Syon

Seek, Suffer and Trust: Ese and Disese in Julian of Norwich

Ethice subponitur? The Imaginative Syllogism and the Idea of the Poetic

The Nearly Man: 'Saint' Richard Rolle and his Textual Cult

The Songs of the Threshold: Enargeia and the Psalter

Middle English religious writing in practice. Texts, readers, and transformations. Edited by Nicole R. Rice. (Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 21.) Pp. ix + 280 incl. 2 figs. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. €75. 978 2 503 54102 0

A Companion to the Early Printed Book in Britain, 1476-1558

Dame Study’s Anatomical Curse: A Scatological Parody?

Humanism and Printing

The Senses in Literature: The Textures of Perception

MICHELLE KARNES. Imagination, Meditation and Cognition in the Middle Ages.


Editing and Correcting

Fatherless Books: Authorship, Attribution and Orthodoxy in Later Medieval England

Probable Truth: Editing Medieval Texts from Britain in the Twenty-first Century

Sacerdotis predicacio operibus confirmanda est: The Martiloge of the Syon Brethren

Colours of Contemplation: Less Light on Julian of Norwich


"Venus in Sackcloth”: the Digby Mary Magdalene and Wisdom fragment

1412-1534: Culture and History


The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Mysticism

After Arundel: Religious Writing in Fifteenth-Century England

Chichele's Church: Vernacular Theology after Thomas Arundel

Dead Still/Still Dead

Looking in Holy Books Essays on Late Medieval Religious Writing in England

Meat, Metaphor and Mysticism: Cooking the Books in The Doctrine of the Heart


Syon and the English Market for Continental Printed Books: The Incunable Phrase

VERONICA O'MARA and SUZANNE PAUL (eds). A Repertorium of Middle English Prose Sermons.

Lady Margaret Beaufort

Religious Writing


Chapter and Worse: An Episode in the Regional Transmission of the Speculum Christiani

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets: Some Compact Imaginations in Chaucer and Medieval Literary Theory

The Haunted Text: Reflections in The Mirrour to Deuote Peple

"[S]he Do the Police in Different Voices": Pastiche, Ventriloquism and Parody in Julian of Norwich

Vernacular Theology

The Haunted Text: Reflections in The Mirrour to Deuote Peple

Moral and Penitential Lyrics

Syon and the English Market for Continental Printed Books: The Incunable Phase

The Mole in the Vineyard: Wyclif at Syon in the Fifteenth Century

The Study of Classical and Secular Authors from the Twelfth Century to c. 1450

Anonymous Devotional Writings

Hid Diuinite: The Spirituality of the English Syon Brethren

'With Mekeness Aske Perseverantly...': On Reading Julian of Norwich

We shall be changed


Syon and the New Learning

Walter Hilton at Syon Abbey

Harold Pinter

Syon Abbey

Jeremy Griffiths

The Book and the Brotherhood: Reflections on the Lost Library of Syon Abbey

The English Medieval Book Studies in Memory of Jeremy Griffiths

The Twentieth Century. Introduction: Drama

Dial M for Mystic: Mystical Texts in the Library of Syon Abbey and the Spirituality of the Syon Brethren

Justification by Faith: Skelton's Replycacion

Medieval Hypertext: Image and Text from York Minster

The English Curriculum Diversity and Standards

Never Look a Gift Horace in the Mouth: Affective Poetics in the Middle Ages

Thy Will Be Done: Piers Plowman and the Pater Noster

Postcards from the Edge: Interpreting the Ineffable in the Middle English Mystics

The Apophatic Image: The Poetics of Effacement in Julian of Norwich

Idols and Images: Pastoral Adaptations of The Scale of Perfection

Vernacular Books of Religion

Cura Pastoralis in Deserto

The Evolution of the Speculum Christiani

Strange Images of Death: The Passion in Later Medieval English Devotional and Mystical Writing

Lukynge in haly bukes: Lectio in some Late Medieval Spiritual Miscellanies

A Syon Manuscript Reconsidered

The Cibus Anime Book 3: A Guide for Contemplatives

Was Mechtild of Hackeborn's Booke of Gostlye Grace translated from Middle Dutch? Some Observations

Mystic's Foot: Rolle and Affectivity

Justification by Good Works: Skelton's The Garland of Laurel

Doctrina and Predicacio: The Design and Function of some Pastoral Manuals

Preaching to the Choir: Another Look at English Carthusian Transmission of Vernacular Spiritual Writings

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