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Delivered talks to academic audiences

Evolution, language and the battle of the sexes

Invited plenary speaker

Invited plenary speaker

Invited speaker, panel on gender mainstreaming

Keynote Talk

Keynote Talk

Panel on the socialinguistics of sexuality

Socialism, multilingualism and language policy

Gender, Power and Political Speech

Evolution, Language and the Battle of the Sexes

The linguistic representation of sexual violence in conflict situations

Working with Written Discourse

More Heat than Light?

The one, the many and the Other: representing mono- and multilingualism in post-9/11 verbal hygiene

On Language and Sexual Politics

Verbal Hygiene

Evolution, Science and the Study of Literature: A Critical Response

How may I help you? Questions, control and cutomer care in telephone call centre talk

Sex/gender, language and the new biologism

The Trouble and Strife Reader

Language, Gender and Sexuality

The Virtues of Good Prose: Verbal Hygiene and the Movement

Theoretical Issues for the Study of Gender and Spoken Interaction

Issues of Gender in Modern English

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