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Auden’s Lear

Peter Larkin, Wordsworth and Coleridge. Promising Losses

What Lies Beneath - Housman Country: Into the Heart of England
by Peter Parker

Waterloo and the Poets: A Speech After Dinner

‘The Beauties of T.S. Eliot’

Stylish Mind - Bernard Williams [Book review]

The Connell Guide to T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land

‘Hardy’s Imperfections’

Bats! [Book review]

Half-Fox (Ted Hughes)

Auden’s Forms’

Coleridge, Romanticism, and the Orient

Selected Verse [Book review]

Was Coleridge Green?

The Shoreham Gang [Book review]

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Wordsworth, Mill, and the Force of Habit

Romantic Poetry: An Overview

Wordsworth's Pluralism

Not unnoting all things [Book review]

Betjeman's Tennyson

Coleridge’s Literary Influence

Tennyson Among the Poets

Regrets, Vexations, Lassitudes: Wordsworth’s Trouble

Coleridge's Responses Selected Writings on Literary Criticism, the Bible and Nature

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