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"No hope of me": Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Wordsworths in 1810

'Are we there yet?' (Tennyson)

'So Striking a Miss-Hit' (Hardy)

Arnold and Multipicity

Arnold and Poetry

Arnold's Misrhymes

Auden Unparadised

Auden Unparadised

Auden Unparadised

Auden Unparadised. Chatterton Lecture on Poetry


Browning at Balliol

Clough’s Juxtapositions’

Coleridge and the Pun

Coleridge, William Empson, and Japan

Hallam and Coleridge

Hazlitt’s Coleridge

Look on the Bright Side (Anna Letitia Barbauld

Plenary Lecture: Undoubtedly the Stupidest: Tennyson in the Age of Auden

Robert Langbaum's Continuing Romanticism

Tennyson and the Legacies of Romantic Art

Tennyson’s Immaturity

Writing to Length

‘Coleridge’s Disappointment in The Excursion’, 147-51.

‘Everything is Good News’

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