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Alice Kinkead and the Conrads

Doing Conrad: Doing History: Alice Kinkead and the Conrads

From Text to Dance: Andreee Howard’s The Sailor’s Return

Invited to respond to a panel on Empiricism and Research

Mallarmé, Yeats and the Dancer

Modernism and the Marketplace: The Case of Conrad’s Chance


Transformations in Modernism and Dance: Apoloonian or Dionysian?

Eliot and Dance

T. S. Eliot and Dance

Literature, Modernism, and Dance

‘The dinner was indeed quiet’: Domestic parties in the work of Joseph Conrad

Modernism and Dance: Apollonine or Dionysiac?

At the Still Point: T. S. Eliot, Dance and Modernism

Conrad's Critique of the Serial Romance: Chance and The Rover

Diaghilev and British Writing

“Une écriture corporelle”: The Dancer in the Text of Mallarmé and Yeats

’She walked with measured steps’: Physical and Narrative Movement in Heart of Darkness

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