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'Dispute Incarnate’: Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock, the Demjanjuk Trial and Eyewitness Testimony

Edith Wharton, War Correspondent





Larkin's Light

Magdalene College MS. Pepys 2498 and Stephen Batman’s Reading Practices

The First World War: Literature, Culture, Modernity

The Literature of Tiredness: The Postwar Novel in Repose

Three War Veterans Who Don't Tell War Stories

Veteran Poetics

Woolf’s Crotchets: Textual Cryogenics in To The Lighthouse

Textual Practice Journal Special Issue

Missing letters: reading the interstices in archival correspondence from the Napoleonic Wars and in Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet-Major

Writing war, writing lives

Moments of Insight in Long Novels by Henry James and Dorothy Richardson

Muddy Poetics: First World War poems by Helen Saunders and Mary Borden

All of Us: D. H. Lawrence’s First World War Poems for the People

The Modernist Party as Pedagogy

The> Modernist Party

War Poetry Review: The Journal of the War Poets Association

The Great War and Modern Memory

Authoring War The Literary Representation of War from the Iliad to Iraq

Interruption Overload: Telephones in Ford Madox Ford's “‘4692 Padd’,” A Call and A Man Could Stand Up —

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