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Advena, Peregrinus: Jean Gerson’s charisma

After Chichele: John Bury vs. Reginald Pecock revisted

Reversing the Life of Christ: Dissent, Orthodoxy and Affectivity

Piers Plowman and God's Thought Experiment

A Companion to Lollardy

Wycliffite Controversies

Useless Mouths: Reformist Poetics from Audelay to Skelton

Writing, Heresy and the Anticlerical Muse

After the Wycliffite controversies: religious thought and political practice in Thomas Gascoigne’s Liber Veritatum

Complaint, Prophecy and Pastoral Care in the Fifteenth Century: Thomas Gascoigne’s Liber Veritatum

Netter as Critic and Practitoner of Rhetoric: The Doctrinale as disputation

Thomas Gascoigne’s Biographies

Jean Gerson, Poet

Religious Authority and Dissent

The Opponents of John Wyclif

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