DPhil candidate Chelsea Haith launches Narrative Futures podcast

Narratives Futures podcast logo

Recorded entirely during the summer 2020 lockdown, Narrative Futures is an interactive podcast featuring interviews with leading authors and editors in the speculative genre and writing prompts designed to support the imagination of better futures.

Narrative Futures is the capstone podcast project of the Futures Thinking network at TORCH. Devised, recorded and edited by English Faculty DPhil candidate Chelsea Haith, the Narrative Futures podcast features eight interviews with some of the most important authors and editors working in the speculative genre today. At the end of each interview, novelist and creative writing tutor Louis Greenberg presents two writing prompts which are designed to support engaged thought and creative imagination about the interview and the listener's own creative practice in narrative building.

Interviewed on the podcast are Lauren Beukes, Mohale Mashigo, Sami Shah, Mahvesh Murad, Jared Shurin, EJ Swift, Ken Liu, and Tade Thompson. Each interview explores writing strategies, hopes and fears for the future, opinions on genre fiction and tackles questions such as: How do you conceive of and write time? Why is alien invasion a good metaphor for colonialism? What would a benevolent AI look like? What kind of representation is needed in the speculative genre? Are the old stories of future worlds still relevant? How do we integrate the present pandemic into our future imaginaries?

Episodes will be released weekly from 15 October on the Oxford University Podcast site.

Oxford University Podcast site: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/narrative-futures

Trailer: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/narrative-futures-coming-soon

Blog: https://torch.ox.ac.uk/article/narrative-futures-podcast-coming-soon