There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in creative writing whilst a student within the Faculty and a number of our academics are also published authors. Although the course does not include a specific paper on creative writing, the flexible nature of the teaching and the individual tuition/support provide opportunities for a wide range of writing and study.

Oxford's English Faculty also has some of the country's leading poets among its lecturers. They and Oxford's visiting Professor of Poetry give regular lectures and workshops. If you already write, or want to start, Oxford has been a source of inspiration to writers in a range of genres, and a range of student-run events and publication opportunities mean that you can use your spare time as an undergraduate to develop your literary skills without the pressure of having them formally assessed.

Whilst the Faculty itself does not offer courses in creative writing, there are courses available within the University through the Department of Continuing Education.

There are many opportunities to study drama within the Oxford English degree - you could choose to study dramatic texts in many of your period papers in the first and second years, write on drama or a dramatist for your dissertation, or possibly  study Drama in English as your special option (in the years when this is offered). There is also a whole paper devoted to Shakespeare.

Oxford also has its own visiting professorship in drama, which is held in turn by directors, playwrights and actors – Alan Ayckbourn, Arthur Miller, Ian McKellan, and Diana Rigg have been among them. Performance is not a part of the degree course, although many of our students find their appreciation and understanding of dramatic works is developed through their involvement in student theatre in Oxford. There are also many opportunities for involvement in drama in the University as a whole. There are numerous student-run dramatic productions, as well as the chance to start up new enterprises!

The Faculty has key strengths in the study of drama, with academics such as Dr Sos Eltis and Dr Kirsten Shepherd-Barr. There are opportunities to specialise in drama in our final papers and the flexibility of the course and the teaching allows bias to certain genres throughout the course.

The Faculty holds the Cameron Mackintosh archive, which has numerous scripts from drama companies across the country.

There are numerous possibilities for getting involved in student drama and amateur dramatics with a huge range of productions every year.

Oxford is a great place to pursue an interest in student journalism, with two well-regarded student newspapers – Cherwell and Oxford Student. Many leading journalists began their careers at Oxford. The Faculty encourages the widest possible range of writing experience.

The Faculty has appointed a permanent lecturer in Film Studies (Dr Andrew Klevan) and there are opportunities to take a paper related to film in the final year. There are a range of film-related lectures throughout the year which link to other papers that you might be studying. There are excellent resources for film enthusiasts, including access to various film databases and collections. The University also has a thriving Film Society.

The Faculty does not offer part-time degree courses. However, a range of shorter courses are available through the Department for Continuing Education.