Dr Andrew Klevan

Film criticism; aesthetics, especially evaluation and appreciation; philosophy of criticism; film interpretation; the close analysis of film style; film performance; film and pedagogy.

Film Aesthetics and criticism; close reading; film style, interpretation and evaluation; history and philosophy of criticism; film theory and film-philosophy.

I am interested in Doctoral supervision related to any of my areas of teaching and research and have supervised to completion Doctoral theses on Intricacy and Intimacy in Contemporary US Cinema, The Body in Physical Comedy, The Interiority of the Unknown Woman in Film, Achieving Female Presence on Film, Testing Coherence in Narrative Film, andComplicating Articulation in Narrative Film.

Other Information:

MSt in Film Aesthetics

I jointly run Oxford University's one year Master's Degree in Film Aesthetics. Many film screenings for the degree take place in St Anne's College, and the college particularly welcomes film applicants.

Editorial Board

I am on the editorial board of the newly relaunched MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism.  The journal is a joint project between the Univeristies of Warwick, Reading and Oxford.

I am on the editorial board of Film-Philosophy Journal.

Academic Background

BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (University College , University of Oxford, 1991); MA in Film and Television Studies (Department of Film and Television, University of Warwick, 1993); PhD in Film Studies (University of Warwick, 1996); Senior Lecturer in Film Studies (University of Kent, 1996-2007)

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  • The Art of Indirection in Trouble in Paradise (1932)

  • Vertigo and the Spectator of Film Analysis

  • Barbara Stanwyck

  • Living Meaning: The Fluency of Film Performance

  • Expressing the In-Between

  • Notes on Stanley Cavell and Philosophical Criticism

  • The Language and Style of Film Criticism

  • Internalising the Musical

  • 'What Becomes of Thinking on Film?: Sanley Cavell in Conversation with Andrew Klevan'

  • Guessing the Unseen from the Seen: Stanley Cavell and Film Interpretation

  • Film Performance From Achievement to Appreciation

  • The Mysterious Disappearance of Style: Some Critical Notes about the Writing on 'Dead Ringers'

  • Disclosure of the everyday undramatic achievement in narrative film

  • The Composition of Charisma: The Lines of Sporting Seduction in Ron Shelton's Tin Cup'

  • More
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