Dr Annie Sutherland's book wins Beatrice White Prize 2017

english psalms in middle ages

We are delighted that Dr Annie Sutherland has been awarded the Beatrice White Prize 2017 for her book English Psalms in the Middle Ages, 1300-1450. This English Association prize is awarded annually for outstanding scholarship in the field of English Literature before 1590.

Michael Kuczynski, writing in Medium Aevum Review, says:

Annie Sutherland’s wonderful new monograph on the Psalms examines the history of psalm translation and reading in England during the high Middle Ages and considers whether there is anything distinctive, within the ubiquitous tradition of medieval translations of the Psalms, about their treatment in Middle English. While pursuing these themes, she presents a richly detailed literary and cultural account of English vernacular psalters and a cogent argument about the possibility of what her title describes as a unique late medieval category of ‘English Psalms’.

Annie is an Associate Professor in English Literature, and is Rosemary Woolf Fellow and Tutor in Old and Middle English at Somerville College.