English Faculty members share research via new educational app

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Three English Faculty members have been selected to share their pioneering research on a new educational website and app titled “EXPeditions”.

EXPeditions is an independent media company that sets out to make the best and widest range of academic knowledge accessible to all. It produces original brief conversations (called EXPs) with leading scholars, scientists and thinkers from the world’s top universities.

In three short conversations, Professor Ankhi Mukherjee, Professor Laura Marcus and Professor Joe Moshenska discuss a wide range of topics related to their research.

Professor Ankhi Mukherjee talks about psychoanalysis at the intersection of race, migrancy, and poverty in global cities, the subject of her forthcoming book, Unseen City. 

Professor Laura Marcus discusses the origins of the 19th century novel and the birth of literary realism; the place and power of fictional writing today; and Virginia Woolf’s extraordinary legacy as a writer and a woman.

Professor Joe Moshenska explores varied topics from the history of iconoclasm to the sense of touch, and talks about why we should read John Milton’s poetry.

Visit the EXPeditions website to see all films.