Kristin Grogan wins Oxford Poetry Society Martin Starkie Prize

kristin grogan

Kristin Grogan, a DPhil candidate at the English Faculty, has been awarded the Martin Starkie Prize 2018 by the Oxford Poetry Society.

The prize is open to current students at Oxford University, and was judged this year by Sandeep Parmar, an English professor at the University of Liverpool. Winning poems entail a cash prize, and are published in the Poetry Society's termly publication, Ash. 

Kristin is a DPhil candidate in English at Exeter College, supported by the Clarendon Fund. Her doctoral research focuses on the relationship between modernist poetry and capitalism, and looks specifically at the impact of changes in labour in the twentieth century on poetry and poetics. She holds a BA and MA from the Centre for Modernism Studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia.