Lord Alfred Douglas Prize awarded to Howard Anglin

winners photo  howard anglin

The 2022–23 Lord Alfred Douglas Memorial Prize, for a poem written in strict rhyming metre, has been awarded to Howard Anglin, Linacre College.

'It's a tremendous honour and a great encouragement to receive this year's Lord Alfred Douglas prize. I think it's wonderful that the university still recognises traditional verse forms, and I hope that it encourages more students to exploit the liberating confines of the sonnet." Howard Anglin, Linacre College.

Angus Barrett (Magdalen College) was selected as the runner-up for his poem 'Crescendo'.

The judges also commended Eoin Hanlon (Jesus College) for his poem 'The Good Night', and Flynn Hallman (St Catherine’s College) for his poem 'Radiowaves'.

Congratulations to them all!