New doctoral awards with the English Faculty

Radcliffe Camera

The English Faculty is welcoming applications for a range of exciting doctoral awards and studentships, in collaboration with the Leverhulme Trust and the AHRC.

We are inviting applications for two doctoral studentships on specified topics, which will form part of a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Centre on the theme of Publication Beyond Print. Candidates can apply to work on eighteenth-century English theatre, or on UNESCO and intangible heritage. Further information and application instructions can be found here.

The Faculty is also offering two AHRC collaborative doctoral awards. The first, in collaboration with English Heritage, will support work on the AHRC project 'The Wrest Circle: Literary Coteries and their Impact on Landscape Design, 1740-1760.' Further details are available here. The second award is offered in collaboration with the National Trust, and will examine the moment at which high modernism moved into everyday life in the middle of the twentieth century. More information can be found here.

All applications should be submitted by midday on 9th March 2018. We wish you all the best for your application!