Prof Carolyne Larrington, Dr Stuart Lee and Dr Caroline Batten awarded PER Seed Fund grant

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Professor Carolyne Larrington, Dr Stuart Lee and Dr Caroline Batten have been awarded a Departmental Public Engagement with Research (PER) Seed Fund grant for their project "Expanding the Capacity for the English Faculty’s Great Writers Inspire Podcasts: Pilot Study and Recommendations".

This project seeks to test drive a public engagement model for the English Faculty: mapping out the process by which a research cluster can streamline the creation of podcasts to increase public engagement with research, solicit contributions amongst research students and professional support staff, and engage younger students with Faculty research activities and resources.

Using its existing Fantasy Literature cluster as a pilot Dr Caroline Batten, working with Dr Stuart Lee and Professor Carolyne Larrington, will produce a series of new podcast episodes and teaching resource packs as proof of concept, creating diverse and expansive content for the Faculty’s Great Writers Inspire and with links to the University’s OxPLORE initiative.

Importantly, Dr Batten will produce a report evaluating the project’s workflow and impact, providing a blueprint for future English Faculty PER projects that will benefit staff and students across a wide variety of research areas. Oxford plays a starring role in the history of fantasy literature, and since 2018 the English Faculty’s fantasy research cluster, headed by Larrington and Lee, has sought to draw on Oxford’s rich resources to foreground exciting new work on fantasy literature and showcase new authors in podcasts, videos, and lectures accessible to the public.

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