Professor Marion Turner interviewed on the Oxford University website

Photo of Marion Turner
the wife of bath

Professor Marion Turner, Chair of the English Faculty Board and J.R.R. Tolkien Professor of English Literature and Language, has been interviewed for the Oxford University website. In the interview she talks of her enthusiasm for Chaucer, and how 'the point of the Canterbury Tales is to listen to diverse points of view and perspectives'.

Professor Turner also discusses Chaucer's Wife of Bath, the ‘first ordinary woman in English literature’, and how she has been portrayed in numerous adaptations across the years:

‘Across time there has often been a focus on the Wife of Bath’s sexuality, whereas what’s really interesting about her is the power of her voice. She is saying women should be listened to and many people found this threatening. Many of the most misogynist portrayals seek to silence her.’

She also addresses criticism of studying the Humanities: ‘We need to think how we can much more generally encourage students, employers and parents, to continue to see the enormous benefits of studying the Humanities. It is important for the economy, for individuals, for society, for everything we do.’

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