Oxford seeks new Professor of Poetry to succeed Simon Armitage

The Professorship of Poetry is due to become vacant in Michaelmas Term 2019, when the current incumbent, Professor Simon Armitage, reaches the end of his term of office. The appointment to re-fill the Chair will be made by election of Convocation in Trinity Term 2019. Convocation consists of all the former student members of the University who have been admitted to a degree (other than an honorary degree) of the University, and of any other persons who are members of Congregation or who have retired having been members of Congregation on the date of their retirement. All members of Convocation are eligible to vote in the election. The elected candidate will hold office for four years from 14 October 2019, the first day of Full Term, Michaelmas Term 2019.

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The Professor of Poetry election website, with further information on the nomination and election process, can be found here: http://www.ersvotes.com/oxfordpoetry19