Projects receive Social Sciences award

Social distancing poster from lockdown

Congratulations to Professor Sally Shuttleworth and Dr Stuart Lee who have each received a Social Sciences award for their projects which offer a response to the repercussions of COVID-19. The awards are part of the Division’s Urgent Response Fund which has awarded over £210,000 to 18 projects across the University to support immediate impact and engagement work relating to the economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of the global COVID-19 crisis. The full list of awards can be found on the Social Sciences website.

Professor Sally Shuttleworth: Contagion Cabaret for Covid

Humanities and medical researchers are collaborating with Chipping Norton Theatre and the Oxford Spires Academy to produce a theatrical film of drama, discussion, and disease for the COVID-19 era. Based on the successful Contagion Cabaret, which originally toured to venues including the British Academy and the Science Museum in 2017/18, this imaginative, fast-paced performance will engage teenagers and adults with historical perspectives on responses to pandemics and the contemporary dimensions of the challenges raised.

The project is supported by TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities).

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Dr Stuart Lee: Lockdown 2020

The events of 2020 are unprecedented in living memory and the impact on daily life at Oxford University of the CoVid19 pandemic is profound. Lockdown 2020 aims to capture the daily life of staff and students, what has changed, and what are their experiences. The project, run by IT Services and the Faculty of English, is working with the City of Oxford Museum's 'City Stories' initiative and continues the University's long-standing involvement in crowd-sourcing stories, objects, and memories. Lockdown 2020 is looking for contributions from any member of staff or student at the University of Oxford to record everyday life during the lockdown. 

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