Celebrating recent publications by our Faculty members – July 2024

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We were delighted to celebrate some recently published books by our Faculty members at our summer garden party.

The books cover a wide variety of topics, including: Middle English Poetry, Shakespeare and war, the processes of editing and book making, decolonizing the literary curriculum, parable and fable, and more! Professor Marion Turner, Chair of the Board of the Faculty of English, commented: "Our annual garden party and celebration of books published by faculty members over the last year is a real highlight of our calendar – but I don't think we've ever before had such perfect weather for it! It was wonderful to celebrate this extraordinary range of books, a reflection of the exceptionally wide-ranging expertise of our faculty."

You can browse the full list below (English Faculty are highlighted in bold). Scroll down to see photos of the celebration at St Hilda's College.

Helen Barr (ed. and trans.), Patience (Broadview Press, 2024)

Elleke Boehmer, Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd edition (OUP, 2023)

Shaun A. Johnson and Elleke Boehmer, The Audacious Experiment: The Mandela Rhodes Story (OUP, 2023)

Siân Grønlie, The Old Testament in Medieval Icelandic Texts: Translation, Exegesis and Storytelling (DS Brewer, 2024)

Lorna Hutson, England's Insular Imagining: the Elizabethan Erasure of Scotland (CUP, 2023)

Francis Leneghan, The Age of Alfred: Rethinking English Literary Culture c.850-950 (Brepols, 2024)

Amy Lidster, Wartime Shakespeare: Performing Narratives of Conflict (CUP, 2023)

Amy Lidster (ed.), Shakespeare at War (CUP, 2023)

Malachi McIntosh, Parables, Fables, Nightmares (Emma Press, 2023)   [short stories]

Ato Quayson and Ankhi Mukherjee (eds.), Decolonizing the English Literary Curriculum (CUP, 2023)

Nicholas Perkins (ed.), Gifts & Books: From Early Myth to the Present (Bodleian Library, 2023)

Plus two other books related to the Gifts and Books exhibition at the Bodleian (Weston Library) which ran from June to October 2023.

  • The Gift of Writing: Poems, riddles, stories and art by year 5 students … inspired by the Bodleian Libraries’ Gifts and Books Exhibition (2023)
  • FJ Morris (ed.), Flashy Gifts: An Oxford Flash Fiction Prize Anthology

Matthew Reynolds (and others), Prismatic Jane Eyre: Close-Reading a World Novel Across Languages (Open Book Publishers, 2023)

Daniel Sawyer, How to Read Middle English Poetry (OUP, 2024)

Adam Smyth (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the History of the Book in Early Modern England (OUP, 2023)

Adam Smyth, The Book-Makers: A History of the Book in 18 Remarkable Lives (Penguin, 2024)

Fiona Stafford, Time and Tide: The Long, Long Life of Landscape (John Murray Press, 2024)

Fiona Stafford (ed.), Byron’s Travels: Poems, Letters, and Journals (Penguin, 2024)

Conrad Steel, The Poetics of Scale: From Apollinaire to Big Data (University of Iowa Press, 2023)

Marion Turner, Chaucer Here and Now (Bodleian Library, 2023)

Dirk van Hulle, Write Cut Rewrite: The Cutting Room Floor of Modern Literature
(Bodleian Library, 2024)

Catherine Niall and Daniel Wakelin (eds.), The Boke of Noblesse and the English Texts from its Codicil (OUP, 2023)