Tennyson and the Poetic Imagination

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Dr Michael J. Sullivan has edited a Special Issue of Victorian Poetry on ‘Tennyson and the Poetic Imagination’, which is now available on Project Muse. The Special Issue supplies a re-articulated account of Tennyson’s imagination in its multiple forms: from the global, spatial and auditory to the role of verse form in organic creation. Collectively, these essays offer new perspectives for Tennyson studies as it continues to transform, by interrogating the imaginative process at the core of Tennyson’s intellect. Contributors and essays include:

 1. Introduction: Tennyson and the Allegory of Art, Michael J. Sullivan

2. Becoming a Name, Seamus Perry

3. The Charm of Tennyson, Jane Wright

4. Tennyson’s Lancet Touches: The Rape of the Lock and The Princess, James Williams

5. Assume the Globe: Tennyson’s Jubilee Ode and the Institutions of Imperialism, Cornelia Pearsall

6. Tennyson’s Phantom Ballads, Ewan Jones

7. Tennyson and the Gleam, A. J. Nickerson

8. Placing Tennyson, Tennyson’s Place: Memory, Elegy, and Geography in “Frater Ave atque Vale”, Alison Chapman


Read the Special Issue ‘Tennyson and the Poetic Imagination’ on Project Muse: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/46813