Virtual Chaucer: a new project using AI technology to explore Chaucer

virtual chaucer screenshot of game

The Virtual Chaucer project is a pilot collaboration between researchers at the English Faculty, Charisma AI, and Creation Theatre aimed at anyone over about eleven years old. The experience allows you to enter the Tabard Inn, watch the pilgrims as they gather, and then to interact with them through AI technology as you fulfil your task. Choose to find out more about the Knight, Miller, or Wife of Bath, and try to get an invitation onto the pilgrimage yourself… 
The experience is best played on a computer (not a phone) with the volume up. Please fill in the feedback form at the end to help us to improve.
The project was led by Marion Turner, J.R.R. Tolkien Professor of English Literature and Language and an expert on Chaucer, with extensive research assistance from Lucy Fleming and further assistance from Pamela Kask. Partners included Lucy Askew, from Creation Theatre, and Rachael Hodge, at Charisma AI.