Dr Freya Johnston

I am general editor of the seven-volume Cambridge Edition of the Novels of Thomas Love Peacock (the first two volumes appeared in 2016) and co-editor of his penultimate novel, Crotchet Castle (1831). In 2017, Kathryn Sutherland and I published a newly edited and annotated text of Jane Austen’s Teenage Writings for the Oxford World’s Classics series. I’m now working on a study of Austen’s style; a literary history of opinion; and a book about medical syndromes named after fictional characters.

Other research interests include Pope, Swift, epic and mock-epic, Byron, Hazlitt, Dickens, German literature (especially Kafka), prose style, practical criticism, and comparative literature.

  • Undergraduate: Introduction to Literary Studies; seventeenth- to nineteenth-century period papers; various special authors and special topics.
  • Graduate: MSt in English, 1700-1830.

I'm currently supervising three DPhils – on Sterne, Swift, and on eighteenth-century women's writing.

In 2012 I received a Teaching Project Award from the Humanities Division for a series of graduate seminars on how to teach English. I am on leave in Hilary Term and Trinity Term 2018.

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