Dr Kantik Ghosh

Late-medieval literary and intellectual history; history of universities, esp. Oxford; late scholasticism; Councils of Constance and Basel; Wycliffism and Lollardy; medieval literary theory; Older Scots poetry; history of scepticism; medieval religious writings.

I teach undergraduate papers in Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Shakespeare, and in the English Language, and contribute to teaching courses / supervision of graduates for the M. St. (650-1500), M. Phil. and D. Phil.

Convenor, Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies M St

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Medieval Studies at TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities)


  • 'And so it is licly to men': Probabilism and Hermeneutics in Wycliffite Discourse

  • Genre and Method in the Late Sermones of John Wyclif

  • The Prologues

  • The Wycliffite Bible Origin, History and Interpretation

  • Magisterial Authority, Heresy and Lay Questioning in Early Fifteenth-Century Oxford