Dr Marina Mackay

Marina MacKay's research interests are in modern and contemporary literature. She is especially interested in the novel, the history of English criticism, and the Second World War and its cultural legacies. Her main research project at the moment is on the influential novel critic and former prisoner of war Ian Watt, and the impact of the war on how we think about the history of the novel. Other current work in progress addresses topics such as citizenship, anti-statism, and austerity.

At St Peter's, Marina tutors on the Victorian and Modern papers; her Faculty teaching is in literature after 1940.


  • Ian Watt The Novel and the Wartime Critic

  • Muriel Spark and Self Help

  • Modernism, War, and Violence

  • The Modernist 'Novel'

  • Between the Acts: Novels and other Mass Media

  • More
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