Dr Michael Mayo

I work on modernist literature, with a particular emphasis on matters of representation and belief, at the level of both the individual and the social. These concerns led to my 2020 book with Cambridge UP, James Joyce and the Jesuits, which used Kleinian psychoanalysis to argue that Joyce played with Jesuit theological practices to approach belief and irony in ways that were new, usually depressive, and often hilarious.





‘”Any Possible Combination of Events May Be Expected”: The Epistemology of Sherlock Holmes.’ Chapter in Mapping Arthur Conan Doyle’s Modernities: 1887-1929. Manchester UP. (2022)

‘The Transference and the Case of Sacco and Vanzetti.’ Open Library of the Humanities, 6(1):6 (2020).

‘Beyond the Uncle Charles Principle.’ The James Joyce Quarterly. 56:3-4 (2019).

Co-editor of Richard Faber’s Political Demonology. (Wipf & Stock 2018).