Dr Siân Grønlie

Old Norse, especially saga literature, and Scandinavian background to Old English literature; Old English, especially Beowulf; literary accounts of Iceland's conversion to Christianity, women in Old Norse literature.

Old English; Beowulf-poet as special author; Middle English, especially Langland; Old Norse.


  • ‘‘En hann var sannheilagr’: The role of saints in the conversion of Iceland’

  • 'Cast out this bondwoman': Hagar and Ishmael in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

  • 'Frá því er Guð freistaði Abraham': Genesis 22 in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

  • The Saint and the Saga Hero: Hagiography and Early Icelandic Literature

  • Conversion Narrative and Christian Identity: 'How Christianity came to Iceland'