Dr Timothy Michael

British Romanticism; eighteenth-century literature and philosophy; political theory; aesthetics; philology and the philosophy of language; history of literary criticism and theory

At the undergraduate level, I teach the 'Romantic,' 'Victorian,' and 'Modern' papers at Lincoln College, in addition to special authors, topics, and dissertations. I also offer a number of lectures on Romantic literature each year.  

At the postgraduate level, I offer seminars for the MSt course (1700-1830) and supervise DPhil students working in the period. For 2015-2017, I am co-convenor of the 1700-1830 MSt strand.

I received my BA in English from New York University ('02) and my PhD from Harvard University ('09). I was a Harper-Schmidt Fellow in the Society of Fellows and Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Humanities at the University of Chicago from 2009 to 2012 (co-chair in 2011-12).   

Lincoln College web-site: http://www.lincoln.ox.ac.uk/


  • 'Coleridge, Hume, and the Principles of Political Knowledge'

  • Keats and Uneasiness

  • Ewan James Jones, Coleridge and the Philosophy of Poetic Form

  • British Romanticism and the Critique of Political Reason

  • Reason in the Court of Justice: The High Arguments of Wordsworth and Kant

  • More
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