Edmund Weiner

Historical lexicography, history of the English language, ‘philology’, historical and current English grammar, phonology, and vocabulary, the language of early modern English nonliterary documents, non-European loanwords, J.R.R. Tolkien's use of language.


Edmund Weiner read English at Oxford and worked towards a thesis (not completed) on the Lollard revised version of Richard Rolle's Psalter Commentary (now being edited by Professor Anne Hudson). He joined the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary in 1977. He published The Oxford Guide to English Usage in 1983. In 1985 he became Co-editor, with John Simpson, of the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (published in 1989) and subsequently Deputy Chief Editor of the OED in 1993. He has overseen both the etymological and grammatical aspects of OED Online. He has taught the History of English for numerous summer programmes run by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. His interest in early modern nonliterary vocabulary was stimulated by the local history group at OUDCE, and his lifelong devotion to the works of Tolkien (who was briefly a member of the staff of the OED) has found unexpected fulfilment in two recent publications.


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