Professor Christine Gerrard

I am currently editing Jonathan Swift, The History of the Four Last Years of Queen Anne and related writings, a volume in the Cambridge University Press edition of The Complete Works of Jonathan Swift.  I have been working on eighteenth-century wome poets and memory, after giving the keynote address at the BAKEA conference on Memory in October 2017. I am particularly interested in the Irish women poets in the cirlce around Jonathan Swift. In the past two years I have published articles on Swift's 'Triumfeminate', on Mary Chudleigh, and on Laetitia Pilkington and Memory ('Laetitia Pilkingto and the Mnemonic Self'). I am completing a paper on 'What Irish Women Writers did with John Locke' for the journal Philosophy in a themed volume from the recent Irish Philosophy in the Age of Berkeley conference at TCD (April 2019). My broader interest in mnemonics and memoery, cultural and historical, is haping a larger project on eighteenth-century women as repostories of memory and commemoration. 

English Literature 1500-1800, particularly 1660-1800; Transatlantic literature of the colonial period; American Literature between 1680 and 1900.  I am also interested in the relationship between Classics and English, and teach the joint degree of Classics and English.


  • Martha Fowke's Tributes to Mary, Lady Chudleigh, 1711 and 1726

  • Martha Fowke's Tributes to Mary, Lady Chudleigh, 1711 and 1726

  • Laetitia Pilkington and the Mnemonic Self

  • Memory and the Eighteenth-Century Female Poet

  • The Hillarian Circle: Scorpions, Sexual Politics and Heteorsocial Coteries

  • More
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