Professor Christine Gerrard

I am currently working on a study of literature in the reign of George I (1714-1727), paying particular attention to the relationship between manuscript and print culture, the persistence of coterie writing, and the resurgence of a libertine idiom within the new Hanoverian court. I am particularly interested in the political and social factors shaping literary life in the early Georgian period, including the impact of the South Sea Bubble of 1720.  I will be examining the emergence of the novel during this period (notably Haywood and Defoe) as well as developments in poetry and drama.  Authors will include Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Pope, Swift, Bernard Mandeville, Defoe, Haywood, Gay, Aaron Hill, Richard Savage.

In the longer term, I am particularly interested in 18th century women’s poetry (am currently editing some) and would be interested in collaborative work within this area. I would be keen to engage in a digital project which would enable students to access resources more easily, especially from the earlier part of the period.

English Literature 1500-1800, particularly 1660-1800; American Literature. I also have a special interest in the joint degree of Classics and English.


  • Laetitia Pilkington and the Mnemonic Self

  • Martha Fowke's Tributes to Mary, Lady Chudleigh, 1711 and 1726

  • Martha Fowke's Tributes to Mary, Lady Chudleigh, 1711 and 1726

  • Memory and the Eighteenth-Century Female Poet

  • The Hillarian Circle: Scorpions, Sexual Politics and Heteorsocial Coteries

  • More
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