Professor David Norbrook

After completing a study of republican writing in the English Revolution, I turned to a detailed study of a woman republican, Lucy Hutchinson (1620-81), who was both a fascinating chronicler of the civil war period but a representative of the ways in which the ideological struggles of that period continued far into the Restoration period. I am general editor of a four-volume edition of her works. This is an exciting but difficult project, since little is known of her life and some of her writings have been discovered in the course of my research and have received no previous commentary. It is also a necessarily interdisciplinary and collaborative project since her interests ranged from Latin poetry to Calvinist theology and the nitty-gritty of Civil War politics in Nottinghamshire. I have finished a long period of work on the reception of Lucretius in connection with a new edition of her translation, co-edited with Professor Reid Barbour. I am now moving on to the next two volumes including her theological writings of the 1670s, in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Clarke and Professor Jane Stevenson, and her Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson, with Professor Martyn Bennett. I am also interested in the Restoration careers of other civil war writers like Marvell and George Wither. I am now based in Baltimore, USA, but can be contacted at my English Faculty email address.