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Story as an ethical experience from the late seventeenth century to the mid nineteenth century, especially in the popular novel and in the theatre. I have published widely on the novel and women’s writing in the eighteenth century and am currently writing a book about the role of the theatre in the invention of the ‘novel’ over this period. The intention here is not simply to consider the use of novel plots as sources for plays but the presence of theatrical models of character, action and affect in the novel of the long eighteenth century, apprenticeships and continuing engagements with the theatre by more or less successful novelists.  I am interested in supervising doctoral students working in eighteenth-century women's writing, in the fiction of fantasy in the same period (it novels, oriental fiction, fairy tales), the early novel, theatre and performance of the Georgian and Regency periods.  

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Literature 1500-1800; the novel; Restoration and Georgian theatre; women’s writing; theories of character and cognition in literature; feminist theory and feminist writing.

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  • Bring(ing) Forth Alive the Conceptions of the Brain’: From Stage to Page in the Transmission of French Fiction to the English Restoration Novel

  • Satire and Embodiment: Allegorical Romance on Stage and Page in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain

  • Rochester, Behn and Enlightenment Liberty

  • Rivals for the Repertory: Theatre and Novel in Georgian Literature

  • 'Heart-Easing Mirth': Charm in the Eighteenth Century

  • Taking Liberties: Revisiting Aphra Behn's Libertinism

  • Fabulous Orients Fictions of the East in England 1662-1785

  • Seductive Forms Women's Amatory Fiction from 1684 to 1740

  • More
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