Professor Sir Geoffrey Hill lectures

Listen to Geoffrey Hill's Professor of Poetry lectures


'How ill white hairs become a fool and jester' (30 November)

‘Eccentrique to the endes of his Master or State’ (8 March)

‘Poetry and disproportion’ (10 May)


‘Poetry, Policing and Public Order (1)’ (29 November)

‘Poetry, Policing and Public Order (2)’ (6 March) - unavailable

Trinity Term 2012 (8 May) - unavailable


Michaelmas Term 2012 (27 November)

"Legal Fiction" and Legal Fiction (5 March)

'A Deep Dynastic Wound' (30 April)


'Poetry and "the Democracy of the Dead"' (3 December)

'Monumentality and bidding' (11 March)

'What you look hard at seems to look hard at you' (6 May)


'Mine angry and defrauded young' (2 December)

'The feel of not to feel it' (10 March)

'I know thee not, old man, fall to thy prayers' (5 May)