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'We are individuals': Ralph Ellison and selfhood in the 1940s

Toni Morrison's Fiction: 'Worlding' the Novel

White Noise? Toni Morrison's _Desdemona_ and Transnational Voicings Through Time

Constructing selfhood through re-voicing the classical past: Bernardine Evaristo, Marlene NourbeSe Philip, and Robin Coste Lewis

'Toni Morrison': Oxford Bibliographies: Literary and Critical Theory.

The Cambridge Introduction to Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison and the Classical Tradition: Transforming American Culture

Her Dark Materials: Toni Morrison, John Milton, and Concepts of "Dominion" in A Mercy

African Athena New Agendas

The Africanness of Classicism in the Work of Toni Morrison

A New 'Romen' Empire: Toni Morrison's _Love_ and the Classics